Big Parking in Naples - Super Garage - Multy storey Car park

Open in Naples since over 50 years

This car park was opened in 1957, and here Salvatore Tucci begin his adventure like simple employee. After some years, Salvatore shows his ability and authority, and become director of the car park. He hold this position until 1995, assisted by his son Massimo, who finally become the owner of the Super Garage. Massimo Tucci has the accurate purpose to plan and manage the car park coherently with the objectives of modernization of the neapolitan network mobility.

This way, today the Super Garage has become a reference point both citizens and tourists who arriving in Naples. In fact, best hotel associations have long been activating more joint effort with Super Garage, to make more pleasant the stay of their guests.

Experience, professionalism and especially reliability, are available to meet all drivers need.

The Super Garage is opened all year with its two levels of covered parking area, it offers all parking services that allow to the citizens not thinking own car such a big weight they are searching the promised place...