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Our services for customers

Car Care

Our staff is composed by professional people who during your staying take care of the safety of your vehicle and all the maintenance as carwash, pneumatic inflation, ect. Our "Car Care Service" provides service to all the meeting and events participants.

Car Time

Supergarage "Car Service" offers parktime to motorbikers, scooter and cars 24 H a day every day. Developped on 2 levels provided by independent way in and out evoid loss of time. Provided by Disabled Parking Areas and Pink Parking Areas for Ladies.

Car valet

Call us and we'll arrive to pick up your car and deliver it in our garage until you like. Evoid the city traffic looking for parking and enjoy you staying in Naples

Free Bus

Book on line your "Shuttle Bus For Free". "Free Bus" is the easiest way to reach the port, the airport and railway station, or the reach your destination when you arrive.

Our service in completely free.

Rent Bike

Visit the historic centre of Naples… has never been so easy! Supergarage offers to all the customers "Rent a bike service". Ride a bike to discover the beauty of Naples and its monuments.

Parking Online

"Parking on line service" to book your parking place on line and reserve it. Telling us the duration and the location of you staying in the city you can choose among the several the parking place you prefer. Fill in the form and confirm the payment on line on our website.

Pay Card Parking

Prepaid card parking offers discounts! Get a Recharging Card of 50 - 100 euro - or others credits. Our recharging card service hel our customers to evoid loss of time and offers discounts on the time parking.

-15% discount on € 50 cards
-20% discount on € 100 cards

Our Passkey Card open your way to our garages.

Shuttle Theater Service

Following agreements with the most important theaters, cinemas, Hotels, B&B and shopping centers we offer Parking during the event in the city.